Study Units

Welcome to Bowden Education online self-study units.  These units have been designed by our contributors - all experts in their field.  The units are organised so that you can work through the activities at your own pace, at a time that suits you.  Each 'package' has 3 study units and each unit has approximately 5 hours of study - so 15 hours in total - and there are plenty of practical ideas which you can take straight into the classroom.  In addition, each unit has further reading and resources, so you can deepen your knowledge and understanding, should you so wish.


We will upload a package of study units each month.  The first package is FREE to all members and the units are focused on supporting children with English as an additional language.  Thereafter, a package of 3 units is £25 or, if you have a PREMIUM membership (£200/year), all the study units are FREE.


We hope you enjoy these resources and find them useful.

EAL study units: FREE


These 3 study units focus on supporting children with English as an additional language.  The first is a basic introduction, examining key principles and suggesting useful pedagogies and practices which you can immediately implement in your classroom.  The second unit looks at creating and maintaining a positive climate and ethos for pupils with EAL and their families.  The final unit in this package explores ways by which we might promote a bilingual approach in the classroom to ensure a more inclusive environment for ALL pupils.

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