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The Role of a TA:  For those new to being a TA

This module has been designed explore the role of a TA for those new members of staff for whom this is their first Teaching Assistant post.

The module contains a range of activities for you to engage with over the course of Terms 2 to 6.

All the materials can be accessed here.  Work through the activities at your own pace, but follow the chronological order presented.  Take note of the live sessions and book these in your calendars.

The materials are the property of, and copyrighted by, Bowden Education and must not be reproduced.


Essential Activities


Optional Activities

St John's Logo.png
St John's Logo.png

Term 2:  Exploring the Role of a TA

Term 3:  Developing as a TA

Term 4:  Skills in Practice

Term 5:  Developing, Refining and Applying Skills

Term 6:  Reflecting on Progress and Identifying Next Steps

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