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About us: The importance of high quality teacher development

We know that teachers are committed to developing their career through building their knowledge and understanding of both their own practice and the educational landscape. 


We know that schools benefit from teachers who are regularly engaged with meaningful and thought-provoking development and professional learning. 


Schools that provide regular, high quality and relevant development and professional learning  retain staff more effectively than schools that do not.

 Teachers who have the opportunity to engage in development and professional learning perform better, maintain enthusiasm and motivation and are less likely to leave their school or, indeed, the profession.

We are aware that school budgets are tight and spending large sums of money for one-day stand alone courses, that have little or no impact on either the  individual or  the whole school community, is no longer feasible.

Our Vision

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We aim to provide high quality research and evidence informed teacher development and professional learning for teachers, TAs and Governors at any stage of their career from early career teachers through to senior leaders. 


We work alongside schools to develop and deliver programmes of professional development that are delivered in a way that best suits be that face to face, online or through a hyrbid model.

Supporting Teacher Development in the Caribbean 

Bowden Education had the privilege of supporting teacher development on the Dutch Caribbean islands of St Eustatius and Saba in August.

Working with educational professionals based at IPA Aruba and alongside the Headteacher of Newingate School, Canterbury, we spent time in both primary and secondary schools on the islands.


We worked with the teachers to develop their knowledge, understanding and practice of adaptive practice, developing 21st Century Skills, inclusion and pedagogies and practice to support students with Autism.


Our TA Development Programme

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Are you a school wanting to provide development and professional learning for your TAs? 

We can work with you to design a bespoke online programme for you covering the topics that you want and need!

We are delighted to be working for the third year running with St John's Primary School, Canterbury to develop their TAs, offering a range of modules to suit experience and need.  The programme spans the academic year and combines self-service learning with face to face sessions and group coaching to support the TAs development in terms of knowledge and practice.

To have a no obligation conversation email us.

Supporting Teacher Development

We would be delighted to support teacher development in your school.

Designing a programme to fit your needs.

Working with you to develop content.

Delivering the programme in a manner to suit you: online, hybrid or face to face.

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