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22nd June: Using Picture Books to Build Empathy & Encourage Emotional Honesty

Joe & Tom Brassington


8th July: On The Couch: Perspectives on Moving to Normality

A focus on mental health & wellbeing as we begin to consider a new normal as pupils and teachers

A panel webinar hosted by Dr Virginia Bower


A Year of webinars for just £250! 

Want to take ownership of your own development?  Or if schools wish to purchase a year's worth of webinars for a staff member this can be done for the amazing price of £250.  You can gain access to our webinars for a year for just £250 - contact us for more info at

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Latest Blog...

Our latest blog by Catherine Carden and considers teacher and pupil mental health and wellbeing as schools unlock..... Read here.

Latest 5-4-5...

5-4-5s are 5 ideas in 5 minutes.  Ideal for the busy teacher.  Our latest 5-4-5 focuses on using poetry across the curriculum  by Dr Virginia Bower.  Find it here

Latest Podcast

In our latest podcast Joe & Tom Brassington discuss the importance of creating emotionally safe spaces. Have a listen here

Reading of the Month

This month our reading is a chapter by Adrian Bethune: It's Cool to be Kind - read it here

About us: The importance of high quality teacher development

We know that teachers are committed to developing their career through building their knowledge and understanding of both their own practice and the educational landscape. 


We know that schools benefit from teachers who are regularly engaged with meaningful and thought-provoking development and professional learning. 


Schools that provide regular, high quality and relevant development and professional learning  retain staff more effectively than schools that do not.

 Teachers who have the opportunity to engage in development and professional learning perform better, maintain enthusiasm and motivation and are less likely to leave their school or, indeed, the profession.

We are aware that school budgets are tight and spending large sums of money for one-day stand alone courses, that have little or no impact on either the  individual or  the whole school community, is no longer feasible.

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Our vision


We aim to provide high quality research and evidence informed teacher development and professional learning for teachers at any stage of their career from early career teachers through to senior leaders.  The opportunities we provide are easily accessible, with the aim of opening discussion and debate through creating international communities of teachers.  




We are sensitive to the challenges of school budgets and are committed to providing teacher development and professional learning at affordable prices.  Our pricing allows schools to provide this important development and learning to more staff, more often. 

The scheduling of our online sessions, mainly twilight, means that teachers do not need to have time out from doing the most important part of their job -  working with children.

Our sensitive pricing also means that the opportunities we offer are affordable for individuals wishing to invest in their own development and learning.

We offer a 10% discount for bookings for 5 or more and also a special student price.