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1:1 Mentoring and Coaching

We know we have a teacher retention crisis.  Great teachers are leaving our profession at a much greater rate than they should be.  People are not applying for headships and headteachers are require support within their most challenging of roles.

Mentoring and coaching offers support whilst building confidence and empowering professionals. 

Mentoring and coaching offers a space for a professional to explore challenges, think about their own career progress as well as offloading emotionally.

We offer mentoring and coaching that can be undertaken face-to-face or on-line for any member of your school community from NQT s through to Headteachers in a variety of models and packages for multiple staff:






Each of these can be extended/continued into a second phase. 

Often teachers choose to finance this themselves.


Payment options can be discussed e.g. monthly Direct Debit, split payments etc.  We are also happy to discuss prices for schools wishing to have more than 4 members of staff being mentored.


Mentoring also includes inter-meeting support and signposting to relevant teacher development, professional learning, other opportunities, readings etc.  We can also offer support through this process with designing an professional digital identity.


We are committed to offering high quality supportive mentoring with support between sessions.  Therefore, spaces are limited and we operate a waiting list for mentoring.


For a conversation about mentoring or to find out more please contact us


We also suggest that you sign up for the FREE ‘The Benefits of Coaching and Mentoring’ webinar 

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