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Daily Review Questions

What is this?

Daily review questioning is the informal re-capping of key learning that has been undertaken in a relevant or associated previous lesson.


Why is this Important?

Daily review questions are a form of revision that enables the children to recall previous learning and connect learning together in readiness to build upon this and make new connections.  Such connections support the development of long-term memory.


How do I do this?

Prepare appropriate question/s based on the previous day’s marking/assessment, perhaps using Bloom’s taxonomy as an aid. Daily review questions should take no more than 8 minutes.

It can be approached in different ways such as - responding to marking, asking direct questions, groups discussing a particular question, recapping key vocabulary or providing a space for questions that the children have  to be answered - this can be differentiated across the class (not all need to do the same).


Five Ways to do Daily Review

Read this article about 5 ways to do daily reviews.

Daily Review Questions in Action: Maths

Here mini whiteboards were used to respond to a range of maths questions based upon the learning undertaken in the previous lesson.

Picture 2.png
Picture 3.png

Daily Review Questioning in Action

Why not try this out?

Work with a colleague to consider how daily review questions may look in your subject area.

Jointly plan some daily review questions.

Observe each other delivering the daily review with their class.

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