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Mentor Training:  For mentors

This module has been designed to develop your knowledge, understanding and skills for mentoring.

The module contains a range of activities for you to engage with throughout terms 1 to 3.

All the materials can be accessed here.  Work through the activities at your own pace, but follow the chronological order presented.  

The materials are the property of, and copyrighted by, Bowden Education and must not be reproduced.


Essential Activities


Optional Activities

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Term 1: :  An introduction to Mentoring

In term 1, we will explore what mentoring is and the most important skills needed to be an effective mentor.

Activity 1: 
Motivations to mentor


10 Mins


Watch the video below that captures motivations and inspiration to act as a mentor.

After watching this - make a note of your motivations to mentor.

Activity 2:

What is mentoring?


15 Mins

Take a few moments to think about what being a mentor, or mentoring, means to you.

You may choose to note down specific words or phrases.

Try and pull these together into a simple definition and bring this to our group coaching session

Activity 3:

Skills for mentoring


15 Mins

You will be provided with a set of cards.  Each card contains a skill required for mentoring.

Produce a Diamond 9 with these cards by following this guidance.

The question is:

What are the most important skills for a mentor to possess in order to be an effective mentor?

Note - there is no right answer and do not over think this...

Take a photo of your Diamond 9 and bring this along with the cards to the Group Coaching Session

Activity 4:

Group Coaching


60 Mins

We will join together for a Group Coaching Session.

During this session, we will consider a working definition of mentoring that supports your work as a mentor of TAs, develop an understanding of what mentoring is, and what it is not, as well as consider the skills required for effective mentoring.

We will use the CLEAR model to support our mentoring:

Screenshot 2023-07-10 at 17.05.11.png

Your Group Coaching Session will take place on Tuesday 26th September at 14.30-15.30

Please bring along your own definition (Activity 2) and a photo of your Diamond 9 and cards (Activity 3)

Term 2:  Guide to Mentoring

In term 2, we will identify the core elements of effective mentoring and how to establish a mentor-mentee relationship.

The topics covered build upon the sections of the mentor handbook.

Activity 1: 
Mentor handbook


20 Mins


This mentoring handbook is an overview of the key elements of mentoring and has been designed to support your practice as a mentor.

Please take time to read this by clicking on the handbook, below.

We will explore each area in more depth over terms 2 and 3.

Screenshot 2023-07-12 at 16.23.26.png

Activity 2: 
Definitions & purpose of mentoring

Activity 3: 
Benefits of mentoring

Activity 4: 
Ethics of mentoring

Activity 5: 
Planning your mentoring

Term 3:  Developing as a Mentor

In term 3, we will build upon the basics and consider the skills required for effective mentoring, the frameworks that support mentoring, how to be a reflective mentor and assess the impact of your mentoring practice.  The topics covered build upon the sections of the mentor handbook.

Activity 1: 
Frameworks and models for mentoring

Activity 2: 
Developing essentials skills for mentoring

Activity 3: 
Becoming a reflective mentor

Activity 4: 
Assessing the impact of mentoring

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