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Are we too quick to kick wellbeing ideas into the 'long grass'?

Updated: Oct 28, 2021

In this blog Catherine Carden suggests that wellbeing practices adopted in the private and business sectors are all too often dismissed by education establishments as being unachievable. She invites you to consider how these approaches and practices can be adapted to improve the wellbeing of teachers before being kicked into the 'long grass'.

At the outset of the new academic year, we vowed that we will balance our workloads better and improve our wellbeing acknowledging that we cannot do another year like the last…we bought new stationary, organised cupboards, classrooms and offices in the hope that this will help us remain on top of things.

A familiar feeling?

A feeling of hope that this year you will achieve better wellbeing and not become swamped and overwhelmed by the workload. Deep down fearing that this year will most likely be like the last; term times filled with endless to do lists with evening and weekend working being the norm.