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Supporting children to be active members of their communities and to lead flourishing lives is a key role of schools.


It is often the ethical aspect of teaching that draws people to the profession, yet how schools and teachers understand and enact educating for character can differ.


In this webinar, Professor Andrew Peterson introduces a range of ideas on how schools and teachers have taken, and can take, an embedded approach to character education. It takes participants through how character education can become centralised within a schools’ mission and vision, can become imbued throughout the schools’ culture and ethos, and can underpin relationships throughout the school.


In doing so the webinar will also focuses on the ways that an embedded approach to character education can relate to academic achievement, staff wellbeing, the curriculum, the local community and what it means to be a flourishing school.


This webinar is ideal for all senior leaders and teachers as well as those that support learning such as TAs and those training to teach.

Embedding Character Education in the Curriculum

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    This webinar was recorded on 22 February 2022

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