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Cross-curricular approaches are a vital part of the teachers’ toolkit.  


Since every mind is unique and all learn differently, a variety of teaching methods and starting points are necessary to get the best out of every child.  


In this webinar, Dr Jonathan Barnes introduces his thoughts about a connecting curriculum  - one which not only connects subject disciplines in addressing issues meaningful to primary students, but also connects with their selves and lives.   


It takes participants through the values that should underpin such a curriculum, the behaviour implications of practical, experiential approaches and the personal development implications of a connecting curriculum. 


It shows how these things relate to creativity and how creativity, connection and character positively impact on motivation and meaning for both teachers and their students. 


This webinar is ideal for all senior leaders and teachers as well as those that support learning such as TAs and those training to teach.


With the webinar recording you will also receive an interactive infographic with additional resources.


All for £10!

Enhancing Pupil Experience Through Cross Curricular Learning

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    This webinar was recorded on 1 February 2022

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