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In this On The Couch we have educationalists with an interest in EAL and refugee education.


They share their expertise and insights into how schools and teachers can enhance the experiences for EAL and refugee children.


Meeting the needs of all pupils is a priority for all teachers.  This panel webinar offers advice and ideas as well as practical strategies to help support those for whom English is not their first language and/or have recently moved to the UK, some having sought asylum.


The panel also offers an insight into the how such children may be experiencing education, the barriers they face and the richness that they bring to a school community.


Our panel of refugee and EAL education experts offer advice and respond to questions. All masterfully chaired by Catherine Carden.


This is an ideal webinar for all working in educational settings, especially those working in schools with a significant proportion of children with EAL or supporting refugee communities.


What's more it is FREE!!!!


Our Panel:
Dr Jonathan Barnes education, cross-curricular and refugee education expert and current research fellow.  Author of a range of educational texts and founder of Education 4 Diversity. 


Dr Virginia Bower: EAL and primary English expert, ITT and education tutor in higher education.  Author of many texts and articles including Supporting Pupils with EAL in the Primary Classroom 


The price includes: a recording of the webinar, links to useful resources and a copy of the webinar chat sent as a link to your email address.


This webinar was recorded in October 2021


Please note that this purchase is for your own or your school's use and not for sharing more widely.


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Perspectives on Enhancing the Experiences of EAL & Refugee Children

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