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Using Picture Books to Build Empathy & Encourage Emotional Honesty with Tom & Joe Brassington


Tom and Joe Brassington are both practicing primary school teachers, working in schools in the East Midlands.


In their classrooms they have always been passionate about creating emotionally honest spaces: where children can honestly explore their emotions, build empathy, and thriving together. 


Joe had a MSc in learning and teaching, and Tom is trained with ELSA. Together, they have written their own children’s picture book called Bottled. Bottled is designed to facilitate vital conversations with children about their feelings, mental health, and the importance of developing emotional honesty.


 In this webinar the brothers share how educators can build empathy using picture books, and why they think it is important to do so. 


This webinar is ideal for all teachers, trainee teachers and teaching assistants as well as educational leaders.


All for just £10!


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The price includes: a recording of the webinar, links to useful resources and a copy of the webinar chat sent as a link to your email address.


This webinar was recorded in June 2021


Please note that this purchase is for your own or your school's use and not for sharing more widely.


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Using picture books to build empathy and encourage emotional honesty.

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