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Our Webinars

Before you take a look at our development and learning opportunities available via twilight webinars please read the following two pieces of information:

1. New webinars on different topics will appear over the year.  If you have a particular development or learning need within your school or setting and you cannot see a webinar that meets that.  Contact us.  We can look to work to develop a webinar or series of webinars to meet.

2. Do the timings not suit you?  Would you like a webinar for a number of your staff on a date or time that is not stated.  Of course, we would be delighted to meet your requirements.  If you have 5 or more people who you would like to book a webinar for we can add dates and times to meet your needs e.g. we could lead a webinar that staff watch at home prior to coming together to discuss this during a staff development day or we can do a webinar that staff engage with at the end of the day prior to a staff meeting etc.  Never hesitate to ask by contacting us.

Webinars available:

Click on each to find out more and to book

Introduction to  Bowden Education

Coming Soon!

Re-Thinking Work-Life Balance

Coming Soon!

The Benefits of Coaching and Mentoring

Coming Soon!

The Importance of Teacher Development - accessing and engaging with high quality research and evidence informed teacher development 

Coming Soon!

Supporting Children with EAL - series of 4


Coming Soon! 

Leadership v Management

Exploring Leadership

Also coming soon...

What is Teaching?

How to Construct Effective Learning Intentions

Attachment and Trauma

Re-visioning Lesson Observations

The Purpose of Education

Primary Humanities - 

exploring Geography & History curricular

Primary Geography

Values Across the Curriculum

and Life of the School

Pupil Attitudes to Learning

Outdoor Learning

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