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Adaptive Practice to Support Inclusion

Session PowerPoint & Route Map

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Resources, Templates and Guides


21st Century Skills Poster

A downloadable poster for use in your planning.

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Positive Pedagogies


Activity Evaluation Matrix

A downloadable version of the activity matrix you can use in planning to cross reference 21st century skills and inclusion.

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Getting to Know Your Pupils

Introductory Activities

An overview of the 4 introductory activities used in the session: postcard, video, group bingo and social story.

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Group Bingo Template

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Postcard Template

A downloadable postcard template.

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Social Story

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Introductory Video

What is the shape of your year?

Activity Sheet

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Adaptive Practice

Adaptive Practice


Adaptive Practice v Differentiation


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Ikram's Day (1)


Ikram's Day (2)


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Diamond 9

Guidance on how to undertake a Diamond 9 activity

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Diamond 9

Diamond 9 Blank Template

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This is Just to Say

Activity Overview for this inclusive activity that allows for adaptive practice setting high expectations.

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Hinge Questions

Definition, with examples of Hinge Questions

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Knowledge of Pupils' Lives

How to gain excellent knowledge of pupils' lives and experiences


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Student Survey

Student survey questions and application

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Do you know your pupils?

Do you know your pupils? template

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Student Survey

Student survey template

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Using knowledge of pupils' lives in planning and teaching


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Lexical Sets

Explanation of lexical sets

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Verb/Adverb Game

Activity Sheet

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Language Activities Sheet

Activity Sheet

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Stem sentences

Stem sentences in maths

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Graphic Organisers


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Benefits and Limitations of Writing Frames


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Rally Robin & Give One - Get One Activity

Guidance Video

QR Code Trails

Activity Sheet

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Using QR Code Trails to Start a Topic


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Additional Resources and Further Development

Discount Voucher Flyer - for books by Dr Virginia Bower

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Discount Voucher Flyer - for books by Open University Press

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Sample Chapter from EAL Book

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Grant, C. (2012)

Cultivating Flourishing Lives


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Ladson-Billings, G (1995)

But That's Just Good Teaching!


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Learning Without Limits - TedX Talk by Alison Peacock

Learning Without Limits - Keynote by Alison Peacock

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